God in My Heart


Tell your heart to beat again. Just breathe. It’s a very dangerous and difficult road to travel. After betrayal, a heart is so fragile. Being shattered in a million pieces is pure hell.

I had the yellow caution tape pulled up in front of my vision.  Three strikes and you’re out! Keep the heart hardened. Don’t let anyone in. It isn’t for you.

Every girl wants her fairy tale. The girls raged with jealousy and asked when I’d be home. I texted them:                  Midnight, that’s when Cinderella has to run away! ❤❤❤

I didn’t leave a glass slipper on the doorstep. I am more of a mermaid than a house maid. My hero is much more of a dashing ship captain too. We are both mesmerized by the living waters. Ironically, this whole ship captain obsession must run deep and wide. A multiple great grandmother of mine was swept away by a Captain Wherland.

I felt as if I was Ruth laying her carpet at the feet of Boaz. Vulnerable and frightened. His touch sent shivers up my spine and into my soul. I radiated in this mysterious sensation. My spirit sang. A redemption of the heart. How can a simple innocent caress be so powerful?

He broke into my heart. I tried not to let him. I tried so hard to find one strike. I tried so hard not to open my heart. But the indestructible and fireproof brick wall I erected collapsed and burst into flames. Into dust.  Here I am arising from a Mount Vesuvius of dust. It’s where the story begins. Here I am shouting it out loud. It’s terrifying but it’s worth the risk.

Forget the fairy tales. This one is legendary. I shall be Venus and he shall be Mars. That was his idea. It was intended to be purely fictional, a man made obsession. A working relationship I had secretly decided, safer that way. But when you just breathe sometimes things just happen. Sometimes a heart beats again.

Can you open your heart and be vulnerable again? Is it worth the risk?

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