God in Nature


It’s too cold to go outside this morning. I turned around my wingback chair to face the picture windows to gaze out at my lake. I strategically placed my authentic camel saddle as a footstool and I absorbed this masterpiece set before me by God.

Two feet from my fingertips is a millennial oak, covered with knobby limbs. Guarding my home proudly, reaching towards me at times as if to hold my hand. Today my oak is springing to life with a chickadee bouncing up its branches.

Its dance was vibrant as he jumped upwards towards the heavens and disappeared. Then a few minutes later he was back to repeat the ritual.

God painted this ones belly yellow…my favorite color and He gave it a song that lightens my heart.

All creatures bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small. Each one brilliantly designed by my Father, and placed in my view by His hand.

Today I stopped to smell the roses and I watched the tiniest creature hopscotch into the sky. It calmed me. Today I watched the little ripples of the living waters flowing South and West.

Today take time to rest in the Lord. Today take time to see the majesty set before you. Look for all things bright and beautiful and thank Him for creating it just for you. How great is our God!

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