God in My Heart


As I gazed out my window at the fog laden lake I thought my eyes deceived me. I looked closer, and I was amazed at the sight of a Great White Heron perched precariously on the young and fragile extensions of a great old Oak. Impossible I thought.

“Nothing is impossible in my Kingdom!” God retorted.

I blushed. “I know, my Father.”

He reminded me of the wall hanging I made on burlap when I was 13. We were the 12 disciples of the confirmation class of St. Peter’s and we were all given a line from the Lord’s Prayer. I was mad, I didn’t want the line I was given then. God knew how important is was and the eventual significance it would have in my life. It’s hanging proudly in my bedroom today.

Thy Kingdom Come.

Today God brought His Kingdom to me. The Great White Heron like a little hello from my earthly father, smiling down from heaven. He was doing the impossible, just like my own father did for me and many others.

Today God gave me my birthday present. He told me He is about to make the impossible happen. I am so excited to see this gift revealed.

How often does God talk to you in nature? Do you see Him and recognize the signs?

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