God in Daily Life


Tonight I am weary. I’ve cried most of the day. It’s hard to see past the darkness when you’re emotionally and mentally drained. You want to throw yourself over a balcony or dive into frigid waters.

I am so weak and lonely. I am afraid and I want a cave to hide in. Just for a little while. I want to climb on my Father’s lap and just be held. I want Him to erase the confusion, I want Him to pick me up and make me smile. I want Him to spin me around and toss me in the air.

I want to be caught in His arms and laugh and giggle and kick my legs back and forth. I want to be a little girl again without responsibilities.

Why do I want to lock myself inside the cave that Jesus just walked out of today? Why do I want to put a boulder between me and the world?

He is risen but I’ve buried myself. I guess it’s time to clean house and repair my temple.

Where are you today? Loathing and slothful in self pity? Hurt, heartbroken, homeless? Pray, and hold His hand and He will lead you to the Living Waters of Hope.

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