God in Daily Life


Yesterday I wiped tears from a face that could have been my own. A woman in unbearable pain after an unexpected surgery. She needed to relax, she needed to calm down.

I brought in some lavender oil and a bottle of lotion. I combined the two to create a scent just for her. I brought the oil to her face to smell the intense power.

As a nurse redressed her wound I mixed the two. She was brave through the pain. Tears spilled over her face and cries of agony leapt from her lips.

The nurse left and I warmed the newly created lotion between my palms. I started with her right hand, caressing, praying silently as I massaged the lotion in. Right arm, shoulder. Left arm and shoulder.

She is lost in an abyss of hopelessness. I picked up a tissue and gently wiped away each tear. I finished the massage and promised to see her again.

She opened her heart to me, a stranger. I listened and I told her to trust in God. I left the room carrying some of her pain with me.

Some days we are lost in an abyss of pain and hurt. Be it physical, mental or spiritual. We want to bury ourselves in the dirt and hide. We want to walk in the darkness and disappear.

But you need to look up toward the light at those times. You need to have hope.

Are you in the darkness? Are your burdens fierce right now? Do you need a hand to hold and comfort you? Look up and ask Him. He will be your friend.

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