God in My Heart


Last night Joy filled my room with joy! I heard banging going on in my kitchen and I was curious but way too comfortable to escape the warmth of my giant feather bed. A few minutes later Joy jumps on my bed and holds out two giant mugs.

“Pick one,” she exclaims. I selected the blue one and left the oversized burgundy one for her.

She hands it to me and I look inside at a mountain of overflowing miniature marshmallows bouncing on top of Joy’s homemade luscious hot cocoa.

She was bouncing with energy as we sipped cocoa and laughed. She was bubbling with excitement as she talked about her favorite show from Norway. The new season is coming and they will be announcing the storyline and which character will take the lead. It is subtitled so she must read as watches.

Joy is so enthusiastic that she spills a little cocoa on my sheets. She apologizes profusely, I tell her it’s no problem. I’m not mad.

It’s only sheets and this moment in time where my little Joy in Mary’s wardrobe took time for me. Quality time is what this world calls it. I call it love and compassion.

My heart flutters with joy that my teenager Joy took time to make us cocoa and to sit and talk with me on my bed at night. It is a night etched in my heart and a night I will carry in my soul.

Joy stopped her life and entered mine. No phones and no distractions. She blessed me more than she will ever know.

My beloved little girl, as gorgeous as Marilyn, as graceful as Grace, as outspoken as Susan and as loving as Mary. A perfect combination designed by our Father’s Hand.

Mary sat at her Lord’s feet, listening intently and knowing the importance of life and love. Last night I felt that loved, by my precious little Joy.

Are you distracted by life and worried about the little things? Do you take time to sit at His feet and pray? Do you take time to read His instructions for a fabulous life?

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