God in My Heart

Job, Proverbs & 1 Corinthians

The anticipation of your embrace intoxicates me with bliss and infinite joy. To be held in your strong and protective arms, toe to toe, is like dreaming of heaven. A sonnet of sonnets, a leap of faith.

I don’t want to hide anymore behind a glass wall. I want to run full speed ahead. I have lost and I have found. I have had every prayer answered in God’s time.

I want to understand His wise ways, I seek the truth. I grasp for the mountain top. I pray my faith bursts forth and the mountains will move when I call His name.

Christ has risen for me and my God has promised me restoration on a magnitude no man could comprehend.

I am bathed in a waterfall of living waters as I watch the four fruits of my womb blossoming into world winning beauties.

My heart is pounding and passionate. My prayers have been answered, one by one.

I have been tested and tried relentlessly by forces I cannot see. I have risen from the abyss of sorrow and mourning. Jesus held my hand as I rose from the grave. My thoughts are on Him constantly and one day I shall sing and dance before Him in Heaven.

My life is scripted out. An archeological review will map out the wilderness, the sandstorms, the seas that are dead and the waters that refreshed me.

It is a new day in His Kingdom and I am more passionate than ever before. My heart will no longer hide behind the walls of insecurity. My heart will dive into the joy He has planned for me. The anticipation of his embrace intoxicates me.

Does your reality show have a glorious ending? Do you seek the one who can remove every pain and heartbreak? Do you seek the one who died just for you?

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