God in My Heart

Proverbs & 1 Corinthians

Today I walked by a room and God told me to enter. I glanced in and saw my elegant friend curled on her bed and covered from shoulders to ankles with a blanket. Her eyes were shut. I walked in and I bent down beside her bed and whispered in her ear, “I love you” and I kissed her cheek. She was startled and then smiled and pulled me closer. She grasped my hands between hers. They were hands etched with time. Her hands were warm, mine were ice.

She warmed my hands between hers ever so gently. She called me her girl as she embraced me tightly and kissed me furiously. She opened her heart fully and completely. She captured my heart months ago. A surrogate mom who knows just what to say to her little girl.

Silent tears flowed from my heart as I rubbed her back and listened to her wise and comforting words. Words about love and words about life.

We said our prayers, we spoke of our Lord and we held each other. It was an intimate moment that transcends time and place.

One day I’ll dance with her in heaven I thought. We will sing in His heavenly choir, the songs we sing together today. Her voice is supreme.

“Do not leave me. I hope you are here when He comes for me,” she said.

“I will be here.” I replied.

Tonight God told me to enter a room and the gift He gave me, the love He showered from Heaven and the Words He shared kissed my spirit. He taught me how quickly this life passes us by and He told me to not waste a minute.

Do you stop for the one? Do you listen to His call? Do you know how powerful is His love?

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