God in America

Kings, Judges & Daniel

I watched as a daughter of my King, Compassion’s Best Friend and my treasured spiritual daughter swore an oath to protect and to serve our great country.

She glowed brilliantly with anticipation and uncertainty, dressed in faded blue jeans, a black Nike tshirt, white tennis shoes and a ponytail. Her beauty showered the room and made me proud. She’s slept on my couch and she’s helped me wash dishes and she’s made me dinner.

She’s on the end of her 18th year and marching onward to a future of serving our country. God blessed Compassion with an eternal friend, a shining example of determination and self control. She has the gifts of the spirit and she has overcome.

There’s a chain of command beginning with God, and down to our earthly leaders. We need to honor them all, down to my special little treasure who will excel in everything she touches. She is a Lily of the Valley in God’s perfect Kingdom. I know that God’s great hand will guard and protect her when she is out of my sight.

Have you honored your leaders today? Have you prayed for God to guide their decisions to keep our country strong and safe? Have you prayed for the soldiers whose names you do not know?

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