God in Nature

Genesis & Psalms

Today I watched two eagles soar and I felt as if I was flying with them. Today I watched miniature icebergs navigate the Mighty Mississippi, bobbing up and down an erratic course. I felt as if I was being swept away by a glorious current on a perfect day.

Today I looked out a window in awe at the living Garden of Eden God had painted before me. A living, breathing painting of life and death frozen in time. I looked closer through a pair of binoculars to see an eagle guarding his meal, only to abandon it minutes later to a group of waiting crows.

Today I fed majestic horses cubes of cut up carrots from my bare hand. Today I felt pure contentment and indescribable peace in the company of a great man of God.

How did my incredible Father place me in such an idyllic scene? I laughed silently as I hopscotched over ice and manure to follow this man on a mission. The horses paraded in the barn, one by one, each in its own turn. I watched him skillfully use a pitchfork and toss a bale of hay. He completed his chores and handed me the bag of carrots. I fed them each in turn, one cube at a time. It tickled my hand as giant lips and tongues removed the treats. After the carrots were gone he handed me a bag of tortilla chips pulverized to crumbs. “They like the saltiness,” he said.

I thought how this man, a Rock in His Kingdom, is the salt of the earth. How could one day be filled with such glory? A timeless day. How did my God align the planets and direct His orchestra of wildlife and nature so that I could be His witness?

I pictured an invisible ark covering the boat slips. I want to climb aboard that ship. I want to walk on water. I want to cast my net. I want to be captured in the Rain’s Bow.

Today God captured me and held me tight in His embrace. He used the Rock to do it.

Are you the salt of the earth? Are you a light on the hill? Have you discovered your cornerstone?

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