God in Daily Life

Proverbs & Psalms

It was a day of fireworks. It was a day of roses. It was a day filled with chocolate covered cherries. It was a day of love. I am a Child of God and today He smothered me with love.

He turned my heart upside down and inside out. He gave me hugs and kisses and compliments all through lips and arms He created at the sound of His voice.

I danced through my day with an everlasting smile. I sat on beds, I pushed wheelchairs, I held hands and hands held me. I supported a friend who no longer had the strength to walk on his own. He leaned his head on my shoulder and my embrace held him up. How am I so blessed I thought?

I sat at a table surrounded by extraordinary women who opened their souls and gave advice to each other on sharing His Word. I was a witness to Proverbs in action and I absorbed the advice on how to throw seeds into barren land.

The Proverbs turned to praise as I created new Psalms to sing to my Lord. Selah. For My Lord and My Creator, with violin, flute, bassoon and trumpet. A song of love and gratitude for my treasures, played by my treasures. An immense Thank You for this life I love.

Love. Today I was embroidered in love by my Father who whispered my name and placed me in my Mother’s womb.

Who did you love today? Where did you scatter seeds? Who did you whisper to about God’s love?

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