God in My Heart

Exodus, Psalms & Proverbs

Today I glimpsed a photo of a Mother and her Son. It spoke volumes to my heart, it sang to my soul. I could feel her love for her Son, it’s embrace leapt through time and space. The flower on her hair directed its fluorescent scent towards her offspring. Pure, unconditional love touched my spirit and tears fell into my soul.

The boy embraced his Mother with his arm and held her tight. His honor for her evident and strong. He was ageless and young at heart. A boy smiled at the world as his mother called him her own. The living water cascaded behind them in a turbulent force as God claimed them both as His own Children.

It was paradise to see such an intimate portrait created by God. It was almost as if I was glimpsing a great Renaissance work of Madonna and her Son.

Oh to be held like that by my Mother again I thought would be heavenly. I have not felt that kind of love in 17 years. I almost forgot what it felt like. But the Lord reminded me gently of my blessings, and I am to be the embracer of little souls now. Four of which I have given birth to, four of which hold my heart.

Tonight I held my own daughter of a little over 17 years as she crawled into bed with me. Her hair was covered by a knitted hat, which she pulled lower to cover her eyes. I held her quietly and reassured her of her worth. No picture was taken by man but an embrace seared into my soul forever.

As we leap into a month when where love is the monumental force let us count the ways He loves us. Let us thank Him for who He gave to us to teach us how to love.

How does God love you? What is His depth and breadth in your life today? How deeply do you show that love to others?

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