God in Nature

Matthew & John

My lake has turned into an oasis in the bitter cold wilderness of winter. The waves, hidden under the ice cap still know His name. The wind blows in a silent mumble as the sun gently rises in a million shades of pink. Is it well within the houses dotting my lake? Some lakes have miniature villages upon them when this ice is thick. My lake is more a vision of the nomadic life.

Brightly colored little square boxes on wheels with little windows dropped on the ice. Inside holes drilled and lines dropped or spears aimed to catch the fish that will fill the woven baskets.

Roads are created as SUV’s, trucks, four wheelers and snowmobiles wander about seeking their abodes. Are they seeking eternity as diligently as they are seeking to fill their stringers?

In the winter we can become as ruthless as the windchill or we can become as white as the freshly fallen snow coating the evergreens. Brilliant and majestic. Transparent and multifaceted. Pure and innocent.

Has God captured the hearts of those within each tiny dwelling? The exterior of each is unique, some are proud and some are humble. Some dwellings are tiny and some have many rooms. Kind of like my Father’s house.

Today I shall be a fisher of men who are fishing to fill their nets. I will dance around my lake and each house upon it. I will deliver a treat to warm their temples and a message that will speak to their souls.

Is your soul nourished with the warmth and love that overcomes the bitter bite of winter? Do you see the joy in every day? Are you a fisher of men or are you a fisher to fill your belly?

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