God in Nature


The oak trees are freckled with newly fallen snow while their leaves remain stubborn…refusing to fall. The fireplace is glowing at my feet and the lake shimmers with waves pushing eastward into my shore. A sublime stillness, I am still. I know God.

He painted this picture for me. Perfectly painted outside my picture window. Every brushstroke intentional, every brushstroke impeccable. The stone steps highlight the pathway to my personal living waters. In the summer I am refreshed by its clarity. In this season, as winter is at my doorstep, I smile warmly at its graceful beauty.

Now is a time of hibernation for much of the world. It is a time I like to bundle up and Be Still. I like to Rest In The Lord with my fuzzy fur blanket and one of my Bibles.

The tiki torches are wedged in between the rocks, pushed over at an odd angle by many winds. The dock is pulled in, resting until next spring. The birdhouses are vacant now and the only remaining life I see are the little gray squirrels scrambling frantically here and there.

A freshly fallen snow is so beautiful. It cleanses the earth just as Jesus did with His blood. Each morning I am new and the sins of yesterday are gone, covered by a fresh blanket of purity as white as the snow. Each drop of snow is a blessing correcting each step that I stumbled. Thank you Jesus.

As I gaze expectantly at the day I shall rest on His Word. I shall do my best to be His obedient child. I know I shall hiccup at times and freckles will appear on my conscious. I am stubborn like these ageless old oak trees. But my freckles of defiance of my Father will be brushed away by His son….when I ask for it. The fire at my feet shines with the Holy Spirit beckoning me to come closer…to experience the Trinity’s all consuming power of love. An eternal flame, dancing at my feet in majestic revelation.

The day is new and fresh as a coating of sparkling white snow. When you step off the stone path today, pray to your Father to forgive you for the little freckles in life. He’ll drizzle the glitter back on you.

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