God in Daily Life


People come and people go. Some stay for a while, some stay for a lifetime. Some stand by us through thick and thin. Some are friends that build us up, some are imposters who poke and prod us into distress and confusion.

There are days and there are seasons in friendships. You can pick your friends. So choose wisely. God puts people in your life for a reason, some teach us, some lead us, some bless us simply with their presence.

Today I said goodbye to two dear friends I embraced briefly yet deeply. One blessed me for four months. She was a woman of petite power. She spoke her mind and made everyone smile. She was gentle, beautiful and had a spunky sense of humor. Jesus gave her to me to see His handiwork. Her bloom blossomed for nearly a century, and her glory continues to shine in the brilliance of her offspring. So blessed are we that knew her. Jesus took her home today and I wept at her bedside. Tears of joy and tears of honor for my friend, who I will one day meet again.

While one friend went home to Jesus, another friend was physically healed. He changed his address. He moved back near his biological daughter. I am jealous, I will not lie. In one week he captured my heart, and gave me what my heart has ached for…for the last twenty one years. He gave me the unconditional love of a Godly father. He blessed me with his prayers, he made my spirit spring to life and he kissed my soul. I cried as I said goodbye. I wept the tears of a child, the tears of a little girl watching her Daddy leave. But this girl, with the child like faith knows she will see him again the day she meets Jesus.

There are days and there are seasons. There is a time for every purpose under Heaven. Today I wept as I said goodbye to two very special people who have made this season in my life unforgettable. They have made me laugh, they have made me smile and they have made my spirit dance.

You can pick your friends, but it’s better if God picks them for you. Watch as those doors open and rush in to embrace the blessings He is giving to you. Each friend is a treasure, a gift from above. Today I wept for the laughter I was given by two friends chosen by God. Tonight I mourn for the day I will dance with both of them again.

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