God in Daily Life

Psalms & Revelation

A Cardinal came to visit me during my lunch break today. I sat down in an intimate spot in a large conference room, reclined in one chair and put my feet up on another. My gaze drifted from my phone to capture a picture through the floor to ceiling picture windows. On top of a slight embankment stood two crab apple trees, radiating bare branches stiff and firm. A few branches reached towards the ground as if trying to retrieve its former glory. It’s bed of brown and crumpled leaves still lay at its feet. Once green with envy, now dried and forsaken.

That Cardinal smiled down at me from the top most branch. Red, the color of the Blood of Christ. It was an acknowledgement from both my earthly Father and my Heavenly Father. I watched him watch me and I sent my love up to Heaven.

Be still and know that I am God. During my hectic day I run to and fro across a long facility, I run down stairs and up again. I pass by doors both opened and closed and God will shout, “Stop! Go in!” Do I always listen during this frantic pace? Honestly, sometimes the answer is “No!” I think my priorities are more important then Gods. I have something more important, I have a deadline, I have a schedule to keep.

Be still. And know that God can change deadlines and His priorities are of the utmost importance. More important than we realize. So STOP! Enter in…you may just be an answer to a prayer. You may be the light God is sending. You are the salt of this Earth after all.

When you train yourself to be obedient you are wise in the eyes of The Lord. And every door you open for Him has treasures awaiting for you in Heaven. So Be Still. Know that God is God and He can do the impossible for you. He can pull your heartstrings and send a hello from Heaven in the sign of a Cardinal.

Do you know how to Be Still? Do you listen obediently or are you a little bit stubborn? God can move mountains for you, but you must open the door and sprinkle some seeds first.

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