God in Daily Life

Revelation & Genesis

Today I walked the road less traveled. Today I received a single pink rose. It’s meaning is symbolic…a sort of gentle gracefulness, a poetic statement that clings to my spirit. A pink blossom of perfection on a long, graceful stem, the color of life, and protected by an armor of precisely positioned thorns.

I feel like that rose today. I had to climb up a long and prickly path to become what I am today. I never thought I’d be on this precipice. Each thorn represents a testimony in my life. Each mountain I had to climb. Each lie I had to discount. Each thorn represents the enemies attempts to pierce my soul, to throw me in a perpetual abyss.

Each thorn a lie thrown viciously by the enemy. Some I believed for a time. Some which kept me in hiding. Some which kept me in distress. You are stupid. You are fat. You are ugly. You are worthless. You will never amount to anything. You should just go kill yourself.

Tonight I dined in the residence of the repairer of casks and barrels. It was a carousel of handsome elegance. Every detail patterned into a mature commencement.

At the Coopers residence I held a strong and powerful hand tonight. It’s length and depth reminded me of a painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling…Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam. As I held that hand I was enraptured in the glory of God, physically and spiritually. The touch of innocence with abundant life and youthful joy.

The power of the pink rose laying on the table before my eyes brought the repairer to life. Questions were directed at the Tender, answers were given…hesitant at first, yet blessed with a love, pure, fresh and free to blossom. Emeralds and rubies intertwined.

A blessing was given and absorbed by the Tender while witnesses agreed In His Name.

Tonight I dined in an atmosphere ripe for His Word and decorated in His glory. Tonight I held the Hand of God in the image of Adam. Tonight I reminisced among the thorns and I radiated His beauty. I was Eve…young, innocent and beautiful because I was made in His image for such a time as this.

The time is ripe for the revelation of a new beginning. Have you entered into the Genesis of your new life? Have you grasped the bull by the horns? Have you become Adam? Have you become Eve? Have you acknowledged the thorns that created the bloom?

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