God in Nature

1 Corinthians

This morning God is kissing the earth in a mighty way. The lake and fog have interspersed to become one great sky of His grace and beauty! It’s like the Holy Spirit is covering the earth and holding it tight. I want to step into it and be enraptured the anointing.

Fog can be beautiful or fog can be annoying. It’s your perspective that gives it life or death.

As I drive through the rolling hills and valleys towards town I witness the fog flowing gracefully one minute then instantaneously it disappears.

It’s like the Holy Spirit in our lives. It lives inside those who believe. Sometimes it covers us and we allow it to flow freely. Sometimes we ignore its bidding and it retreats.

There comes a time in your life where you must make a choice of life or death. To be or not to be part of His Kingdom. To step into the glistening fog and absorb the awesome wonder of it all. Fog is like love, it can be all encompassing and beautiful and pure. But if you run from it it fades and escapes your grasp.

In the fog this morning I see the faith of my Fathers. In the fog I see the hope for a pure tomorrow. In the fog I dance and sing and praise my Father for this gift called love, this gift of His freely flowing spirit.

Have you made that bold step and welcomed the power of the Holy Spirit in your life? Do you see the beauty in the mist? Do you let it flow, let it flow, let it flow?

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