God in My Heart


I have a friend who is stuck at The Bus Stop of isolation. A Bus Stop that most of the world avoids. A Bus Stop that could be labeled many things….selfishness, self pity or stone cold.

I, on the other hand, have been given a gift for seeing hearts and I call it The Bus Stop of Sorrow.

We see it in movies, The Ice Queen. Not the beautiful, cold blooded and heartless queen but the kind who has sculpted a flawless and crystalline block of ice securely around their heart that no ice pick can conquer and no heat wave can melt.

I witness the tragedy unfold minute by minute, day by day and month by month. A Shakespearean sort where the mother abandons the child and a deep set unforgiveness sets in. A pain so profound and unbearable that a fortress is formed to delete the pain. Brick walls are erected encompassing a heart while simultaneously attempting to protect a shattering soul.

The Acts come and go, as numerous as the relationships. Always running is the Ice Queen, always making excuses. Insecurities are shared secretly during intimate moments as love tries to shine. Insecurities shared seeking acceptance, seeking unconditional love.

The catastrophe is obvious. The Ice Queen has become what was hated the most. The Ice Queen has become the mother. Leaving, leaving, leaving, leaving relationship after relationship.

So as I witness this struggle my heart cries in pain for my friend who is perpetually stuck at The Bus Stop of Sorrow.

I have tried to assist, I have used my hot iron. I have stomped on the Ice Box. I have even planted seeds…hot chili pepper seeds to be exact.

But I know in my heart that this heart of my friend is not ready for love. The pain has left too many scars and the healing is not complete.

The only one who can heal this broken and battered heart is Jesus. Because perfect love casts out all fear.

Is your love perfect? Have you forgiven all? Have you let Jesus transform your heart yet?

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