God in My Heart


I visited The Bus Stop of memories tonight courtesy of a Man of God. It was a Bus Stop where tears flow and hearts smile. A Bus Stop in the middle of nowhere that turns your world upside down and melts your heart.

It was a simple saying, steeped with laughter and handed down through history. Sent by text, a communication medium that would have thrilled the mind of my engineering Father. A great mind that discovered the power of microwaves by roasting hot dogs in Guam. A man of integrity, a man of power and a man of love.

I was the apple of his eye. I was his baby. I was the epitome of a Daddy’s Girl. I had him wrapped around my finger and he had me wrapped around his heart. It’s been over 21 years since I saw that smile in his eyes that spoke volumes to my soul. I miss that look, I missed the one eyebrow he raised and the swat he gave me at bedtime.

It started as a factual statement and transformed into a cliche. My father, one the greatest men to come out of The Greatest Generation, would speak a silly sentence to this Generation Xer. A sentence I would giggle about as a child, a line that would annoy me as a teenager and a simple sentence that would throw me for a loop as an adult.

So that’s how my God works. He puts a Man of God in my life and he uses him to text me a message that comes down from Heaven with a swat and a smile.

I can imagine my Heavenly Father in cahoots with my earthly father as they whispered in Man of God’s ear to text me an obsolete saying that would turn me into mush.

I am hitting the hay.

As a history buff I found out its meaning was literal in the last couple of years. Beds were made of hay. So when you were hitting the hay you were literally going to lay down in your bed.

I know of another little guy who hit the hay as an infant. In a rather remarkable fashion too. As a baby in a manger.

So as Man of God texted me a simple message of goodnight and goodwill, little did he know that in Heaven the Three in One and my earthy father, who’s name means “ruler of the army” were conspiring to reach their beloved daughter with a good night kiss.

When was the last time you thanked God for those funny little sayings that make your world spin out of control? When was the last time you hit the hay and thought of Jesus as you shut your eyes?

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