God in Authority

Genesis and Proverbs

This morning I arrived at The Bus Stop before the son would rise. Instead of singing in the shower I had a heartfelt conversation with my Father. Today we discussed discipline. It takes discipline to get up at 5:30 a.m. when all you want to do is pull the covers over your head and hide. It takes discipline to get up and write when the extra half hour in a warm bed is oh so inviting.

So I endured a heavy dose of discipline from my loving Father instead of attending choir practice with Him. After the lecture I wandered outside, wrapped in my coat of only one color and a scarf of many colors wrapped around my soon to be curls. The cat tried to escape but to no avail.

This morning God showed His strict side and then He gave me a measure of Holy Laughter. Today’s symphony at my dock was quite different from all others I had experienced. Today’s opus featured a rivalry between the woodwinds, the brass and percussion. No strings today, the heavenly chorus was in the audience not the orchestra.

The rondo began with the woodpecker, 16 drills, followed by the crows incessant whining, effectively overpowering the woodpecker. The songbirds were gently shrilling in the background. Then the funniest thing I have ever heard began. The wild turkey’s joined in, and I have never laughed so hard. Have you ever, in your life, heard a rivalry between a rafter of wild turkeys and a murder of crows? The brilliant conclusion came when a gaggle of geese flew overhead, honking away.

That is my morning, my God, my Father, giving me His wise Words upon waking then entertaining me with His Holy Laughter that only He can provide.

So as you look into your wardrobe, through your clothes of many colors, remember how loved you are by your Father. He disciplines you for His glory, He covers you with His love, and then He tickles your soul.

Where in your life do you need to practice a little more discipline? Will you make the changes today or will you pull the covers back over your head and ignore the instructions? Remember, a little discipline is always followed by the Joy of the Lord!

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