God in Daily Life


It’s Monday morning, the day no one want to go to The Bus Stop. We grumble, we complain. This morning I wanted to lay in my warm bed and not get up to go out to my dock. Why bother? I thought. It’s Monday and nothing can change that. But I forced myself out of bed and made it to my dock with five minutes before I would see my son rise up in grandeur. Joy wandered out behind me, but decided it was too cold and went back inside.

The lake was still as glass with the reverse painting of the trees, houses and bushes shining proudly on the pristine waters. The entire lake beheld a double glory. The pink rays of the sons pre-birth in the sky framed the image encircling my lake. At the edges of the lake were pillows of fog kissing the water. At some places the fog was higher, outlining images that resembled the shapes of man. Two places on shore, where trees and weeds met the fog tried its best to tower to the son.

A small fish bounced above the water and caught my attention. As he dove back down, God pointed out the branches of the tree smiling at their counterparts smiling on the water. Roots. Their roots are mirror images to what we see on land. These roots were deep. I asked God how deep my roots were and He asked me, “How deep will they be for ME?”

The woodpecker was fiercely drilling, the crows were cawing and those ferocious sounds were overtaken by the songbirds delight at seeing the son rise on this new day.

How deep will my roots be? It is a choice I must make. Will I let the world and its people darken my Monday? A giant fish jumped out of the water as I pondered this question. Its splash disturbed my unspoiled scenery and made a muddled circle of waves push through my immaculate waters.

I have a choice to make. Yes, it is Monday and I must go to my Bus Stop called employment. I can let that big fish muddle the waters today or I can ignore the muddled mischief and plant some seeds and push my roots deeper.

Good Morning Monday! Good morning son! Plow a new path today. Ask the son to shine on your murky waters. Plant your seeds. How deep will your roots grow?

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