God in Nature

Genesis and Psalms

God gave me a showcase of Heaven’s glory last night. The sunset was the most spectacular I had ever seen in my entire life. The vivid pinks brushed across the sky and became more vibrant as the evening progressed. I snapped pictures outside and I snapped pictures inside. Who made this display for me? Was it God with His Words calling the colors in all their majesty to shine for me? Did He send His angels with their pallets of instructions to glorify Him? Did He send angels to nudge my gaze Heaven ward and keep me focused on the beauty of the earth?

God, my God, my Father made things very pretty for me last night. All day the earth and the sky glorified Him. And through the glory I was tested by the winds of melodrama in my house. Arms waving, tears falling, nonsensical drama centered on the ugliness of a dress that one week ago was lauded as exquisite. A dress and accessories were chosen, selected and purchased with great thought and mom’s pocketbook. It was a dress which became ugly overnight and unsuitable for the big event. It is not easy to train up a child in this world of instantaneous gratification. It takes great sacrifice and determination. And often myriads of tears cried into a pillow at night when no one but God sees.

The Holy Spirit rushed through with noticeable force this morning as I sat on my dock waiting for the Son to rise on my day. I thought of the war the sun had with the wind on who could get my fur coat off first. The wind compelled me to raise my collar and burrow beneath the warmth. I then pulled up my red striped serape, which I purchased on our family road trip last year outside of The Grand Canyon, tighter around my shivering body. The wind was so strong that my eyelashes started sticking together with tears. Where were my songbirds today?

Today the waves are rushing and God is still. The peace that passes all understanding is slowly creeping into my soul once again. Peace is powerful. Today I look and listen for God and the stage is set very differently. First I hear the call of the Canadian geese, then an owl hooting, then a crow yakking away. To the west a woodpecker is forcefully drilling in a tree. Hoot…hoot… hoot…drill…drill…drill…caw…caw…caw. Then absolute silence, as if God put a muzzle on every one of His creatures that Adam named for Him. Perfect tranquility, and as the Son rises, my loon heralds the day.

This morning the Holy Spirit rushed in and around me, waking me with urgency. I wanted to lie in my warm bed, ensconced underneath my traditional feather bed. But I got up and trampled down the stone stairs, wrinkled here and there with a shield of moss to watch the Son rise just for me.

It is a day to revel in the love of Jesus, to feel the urgency of the Holy Spirit and to be still and know that God is God. And He is good, very good. He will watch His designs from His mighty throne above. He will observe our movements, He will listen to our prayers, and He will smile as He gives us clues to His presence.

Where will you find God today? Where will you be when you hear the call of His voice? Will you take the time to be still and listen? Will you recognize the evidence of His presence in your life?

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