God in Nature

Proverbs & Ecclesiates

Today I walked to The Bus Stop with wet hair. It was brisk and cold. By the time we reached The Bus Stop my hair became a myriad of dangling curly icicles. I pushed my hands deeper into my pockets and shrugged my shoulders upwards to cover my frozen ears. I was glad we were running late this morning, we would not have to wait long for the bus to arrive. I squished my daughter tightly and kissed her forehead and the bus came around the corner. As I walked home I heard the lilting song of a bird. I followed the verse and looked up into the barren trees. I saw a handmade bird house, made to resemble a church. Was the beautiful hymn coming from there? As I chased the heavenly songbird I noticed each and every little nest still gracing the treetops. I heard the music but I could not identify the musician.

The little unidentified singer brought an old tune to my mind: “I’m forever blowing bubbles!” I thought of how one little anonymous bird singing to me can bring me such great joy. Music sings to our souls. Music sings to Joy’s soul. Some people see God in nature. That is one of my favorite places where I find God. Every little blossom that opens makes me smile.  Some people breathe in God’s goodness through His Words. Faith finds Him there. Some people see God when through the eyes of little children. Compassion finds Him in the arms of Kindergarteners when they ask to sit by her when she helps in the classroom. Then there are the little children who exemplify God through their actions, through their smiles and through their strength. That is my little Hope.

It such a wonderful time of year when our children come home, and we can bask in the love. We can witness the relationships of our children and the playful laughter that comes along with it. Each stage of growth is remarkable to a parent. Whether they are still in diapers and learning about the world, whether they are curious little toddlers, whether they are feisty little tweenagers, or teenagers that know it all, it is all an almighty journey given to us by God.

As a mother I glory in each and every stage of life. I love to watch my teenagers comfort each other. I love to hear them counsel and lead each other when they face confusing and difficult circumstances. I like to watch how they reason when adults are unreasonable and the world makes no sense. I like it when blowing bubbles is all that is needed to change an attitude and bring on a smile.

Laughter is the best medicine. Joy brings strength. Hope brings a future. Compassion holds us all together with a great big heart. Faith believes with grace for tomorrow. I am the mother of these four extravagant children. I am the mother who watches and smiles inside and cries with never ending tears of joy. I’m forever blowing bubbles because God loves me so much He gave His son for me. I’m forever blowing bubbles because the Holy Spirt leads me onward through the music of my heart while He sings to my soul through the lilting voices of a songbird that I cannot find.

Today go to The Bus Stop and listen for His voice. Where do you see God? Where do you find His heart? What makes your soul sing? Take time to talk to God today and see where His voice leads you.


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