God in My Heart


Today is a day my dear friend, Serene, must visit The Bus Stop of Surrender.  It is a Bus Stop that changes your identity. It is a Bus Stop that breaks your heart. It is a Bus Stop with a parade of onlookers watching and wondering how you will cope. It is a Bus Stop where role reversals occur and daughters give strength to mothers who no longer have mothers of their own.

I know my exquisite friend, Serene, will be surrounded by her daughters. I know her girls will give her the strength she needs to surrender her mother into the arms of Jesus. It was a battle for Serene. I watched her walk the field of the unknown, a field where decisions must be made and strategies must be forged. It is the hardest battle one will have to face on this earth, where throwing in the fleece does not always get the answer your soul longs to hear.

A mother’s love is unique. A mother’s love is powerful. A mother’s love is everlasting. Today three girls will give strength to their mother. A daughter will give strength to her father, who lost the love of his life.  A husband will stand beside his wife as she surrenders the woman who taught her how to be a woman. God, on His throne, will be weeping with them, as death was never part of His plan.

Life is a gift. It is a gift we unwrap is stages. Sometimes we are fierce, sometimes we are serene. How we unwrap this gift, and who we ask for assistance as we unwrap this gift called life, will determine our destiny.

This gift is magnificent. This gift is frightening. When we look to Jesus and follow His footsteps unbelievable things will happen. Grace happens. Faith increases. Hope radiates, even in the fog of death.

Today is a day my dear friend, Serene, must visit The Bus Stop of Surrender. But that Surrender is only temporary. A blink of an eye for God, yet it seems an eternity for us. Today my friend will be surrounded by family, friends and strangers who loved the woman who raised her. Today my friend will be carried by Jesus and wrapped in His arms. Jesus will use the arms of family, friends, and strangers to hold her up, to help her breathe, and to help her see the light of tomorrow.

God gave us faith, hope and love. The greatest of these is love. Today, my dear friend, Serene, will watch the gift that was unwrapped for her. She will remember the kisses and hugs her mother gave her. She will remember the laughter, the leading, and the love. She will ponder all of these things in her heart. Serene will treasure the love her mother embraced her with forever.  It’s the kind of love that Serene has in her heart and the kind of love she shares with all of us who are honored to call her our friend.


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