God in My Heart


Today I take my daughters to The Bus Stop of anticipation, awe and wonder! Today we are off on an adventure over the river and through the woods to the Italianate Victorian Mansion of Brother and Exceptional. It is an estate so large that Brother and Exceptional invited their firstborn, Stunning, and her husband, Gallant, to move in. Brother is the patriarch to a trinity of blessings.

Stunning and Gallant were hand-picked by God and are the quintessential parents for three little bundles of joy. Today we celebrate their first birthday. Today we celebrate the trinity of love that was given to our family.

I remember the day Brother called to announce the birth of Stunning. I was a teenager, and Stunning gave me a title I have prized ever since; Stunning made me an Aunt. I had her picture on a little medallion I wore around my neck. I had bragging rights, and did I take advantage of them. I would babysit Stunning and show her off.

One time, Blessing and I took Stunning to the Mall. When we were done showing Stunning off, we returned to my vehicle. It was a two door, teal green, Dodge Aspen featuring a sporty vinyl half roof accenting the rear windows. It was sleek and it was cool. We called it totally radical back then. When we arrived we found the doors locked with the keys still in the ignition. I panicked, slightly, and then I called the Police to break into my vehicle.

So a young, and very handsome, Policeman came and jimmied my car door open. Then he proceeded to give me a lecture on being a teenage mother. Blessing and I started laughing hysterically.

“She’s my niece,” I shared, “We are babysitting!”

The Policeman became less attractive as he continued to lecture me on having a child before marriage. I insisted she was not my daughter. Which led the policeman to lecture me on lying and how much more trouble I would find myself in if I continued with this escapade.

“You cannot tell me that you are not this child’s mother! She looks exactly like you,” the Policeman shouted.

Blessing and I realized we were not going to win this battle, so we backed down, politely thanked him and went on our way. This was only the beginning of being mistaken for Stunning’s mother, and what a fun time I have had with my mistaken identity!

One of my favorite summers was spent babysitting Stunning, where we would hang out by the outdoor pool. Stunning was too scared of the water, but she loved to dance. She would parade about to “Putting on the Ritz” and we giggle and dance together.

There are some people in this world that you love and adore in a way words cannot express. Stunning is one of those people. Stunning gave me a royal title, and Stunning has brought so much joy and so much laughter into my life. I have watched her grow up under the guidance of Brother and Exceptional into a refined and gracious beauty. Then along came Gallant, who swept her off her feet.

I remember the day that Stunning called to say she was with child. At that point, she thought she might have twins. I remember the day that Stunning called to announce a trio on their way. I knew God had picked the perfect pair to be the receiver of a trinity blessing. I knew in my heart those little babies within her womb would be blessed beyond belief to have a mother named Stunning and a father named Gallant. I knew those babies would be loved and cherished by Brother and Exceptional also.

So today we celebrate and praise our God and His outrageous blessing of triplets. We praise Him for the mansion on earth they get to reside in! We praise Him that our two little boys and one little girl get to be held and fed and changed by four of the most admirable people I know. We praise Him for these three little babies.

Today many family members and many friends will gather at the greatest Bus Stop of all. We will bring our versions of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to present to the next generation for their first birthday gifts. We will celebrate the crazy, busy, sleepless life of my precious niece; the most Stunning mother in the world.

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