God in Daily Life

1 John

I walked to The Bus Stop with Hope for the last time. I kissed her ten times and I squeezed her harder than ever, before I let her go. I wouldn’t be back to this Bus Stop for a while. Change is something that simultaneously frightens us and electrifies us as the same time. Change in relationships, changes in health, changes in jobs, changes in our residences. The feelings that swarm within us bubble out in multiple ways. We can laugh hysterically one moment, become infuriated the next, hide ourselves in exasperation, and cry ourselves to sleep. Change is something we love and change is something we hate. Change brings about the unknown. Change is always challenging and fear tries to creep in.

Perfect love casts out all fear.  Many things change our lives forever. Giving birth for the first time, then saying goodbye as your firstborn child moves away to college. A diagnosis from the doctor, a job promotion, a death in the family and a new house change us forever. How we react and deal with the change will reveal our true character. Being brave and grasping the change by the horns, no matter how difficult, will build within our soul endurance for the battle.

The example you set for your children and those witnessing your crusade will speak volumes forever. We have been told by the world that grown men don’t cry. We need to cry, we need to shout, we need to cocoon, just for a little while, as we regain the strength necessary to combat the change at hand.

Perfect love casts out all fear. Fear envelops us and if we allow it to, it will evolve into something else to mask the change at hand. Some people drink away their sorrows, some people eat their sorrows, and there are even some people who abuse others until their sorrows are not their own. All these people can succumb to such desperation that they begin to sleepwalk through life. It is a miserable existence to be automated and running on empty. I know firsthand, because I lived that life for a few too many years.

But when I was at my lowest, my rock bottom, and at the end of the road I found someone to cry out to. I could not do life on my own and by my own rules. I mistakenly thought I was the master of my domain. But I wasn’t. Because, you see, our domain isn’t ours. We battle between good and evil.  Our domain is determined by who or what we give priority to.

If you call out for Jesus, if you ask Him into your heart, if you make Him the leader in your household, change becomes only a brief rest stop for promotion.  When you let Jesus take the wheel, he will steer you into your destiny. A destiny which is far grander than any hopes and dreams that you can comprehend. So be brave today, embrace a change that will produce an epic life, and call on Jesus!

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