God in My Heart

Psalms and Corinthians

It’s been a multitude of Bus Stops over the last week. A week of giving thanks for all the things God blessed me with. My roots run deep when giving thanks. Brother traced back our heritage, through DNA testing and good old detective work and discovered some of our ancestors were actually on the Mayflower.

But The Bus Stop that made my heart explode with excitement was having Faith back home to my nest. Faith is home from college for Thanksgiving break. When I have Faith, Compassion, Joy and Hope all together I am complete. I am happy. I cry a lot. I jump for joy and I sleep peacefully all through the night.

When I look at my beautiful Faith, not quite two decades old, and see the extraordinary woman she has become, I am speechless. I remember holding my firstborn as if she was born yesterday. Faith cried incessantly as an infant. As a toddler her traits began to blossom. Faith is smart, very smart. She could do 200 piece puzzles by herself before she was two years old. Faith is strong and determined. She never crawled; she pulled herself up at the cocktail table, and took off running at seven months old. Faith has been running towards perfection ever since. Faith always looks glamourous when she leaves the house. Faith is a leader in her world. Faith is flawless in my heart and I delight in all her ways.

God delights in us. God calculated every physical and personality trait we need to navigate this world. He put in us everything we need to fulfill our destiny on this earth. Faith is embarking on her God given role in this world. I am honored, oh so very honored, that God chose me, to be her mother.

As we begin our journey through life the world feeds us its version of perfection. Some people want money and wealth. I want love. This Thanksgiving Joy, Hope and I shared our love with those in my memory care unit before we went to share our love with our large, loving and eccentric family.

As we exited the nursing home we watched a scene play out in front of us. A middle aged couple was putting an elderly woman into their luxurious SUV. The wife was covered in mink, the husband sporting a very expensive designer wool coat. The faces of this couple were grey and grim. The attitude of inconvenience was dripping from their forms. As the wheelchair was kicked away from the vehicle my eyes wandered to the woman sitting in the front passenger seat. A woman with snowy white hair, an expensive but not ostentatious coat, was glowing with love. Was she the mother of the man or the mother of the woman? I will never know. But the pure, unadulterated love she had for these two children of God was pouring from her.

As I climbed into my well used, twelve year old SUV, with the paint peeling off the back and rust creeping up the sides I smiled. Faith’s boyfriend was chauffeuring for us. The car was abuzz. “What kind of coat is she wearing?”

“A mink” I responded, “Your Grandmother had one.” I was born into the bloodlines descended from English royalty and Ukrainian peasants. So I know how to throw royal galas and I know how to throw barn dances.  I can cavort and I can labor. But I have the most fun dancing with Jesus.

I am so thankful for the many Bus Stops I wandered through this past week. I am so thankful I had all my treasures under my roof. I am so thankful for the scenes that played out in front of me. I saw tangos of strangers. I saw foxtrots of holiday shoppers. I saw the disgruntled and I saw love.

What have you thanked God for lately? Are you running through the motions of the world? Are you seeking God’s face? Are you holding the hand of Jesus? Are you living your life out of necessity or are you living your life out of pure and complete love?

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