God in My Dreams


You know how sometimes you have those dreams where you are in a house, a building, or some other structure and you are trying to find your way out? There always seems to be a group of people, some you know and some that are strangers, yet they are not strangers, and you climb up stairs and crawl through crevasses yet you never seem to escape? You do not know why you are there, or how you got there, yet you know you need to desperately find your way out.

Then you wake up in the middle of the dream and you can remember in graphic detail, the faces of those without names. You want a conclusion, so you try to force yourself back to sleep for a finale to the dream. Yet sleep is unattainable, and never comes back. So you get up, disturbed and unhinged because you never reached the finish line and opened the final door to freedom.

Our dreams tell us a lot about ourselves; sometimes they come from God and lead us to The Bus Stop we are destined to reach. Sometimes they are from the enemy to send us the wrong way and we become disoriented. Sometimes our dreams are a reflection of our current status and our existing struggles.

So how do we handle The Bus Stops in life where our spirits or souls cry out in our sleep? We check it out with the most important manual of all: The Holy Bible. So go ahead and Google the weird part of your dream, because your Heavenly Father may just be trying to tell you something.

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