God in My Heart


I turned on my computer this morning and I heard a dreadful noise I did not want to hear. The rattling, ominous noise that I knew meant disaster. Then I remembered that still quiet voice I heard for two days in a row. A voice that I ignored, “Back up your files!” Well, I wish I hadn’t made excuses and said tomorrow, tomorrow. Well, the tomorrow that never comes arrived for me today with an error message to check my cable connection and something about no bootable device. I’d sure like to kick that bootable device right now! So I said goodbye this morning to my computer with all my files, all my ideas for blogs and books, and all my secret letters I’ve written to Faith, Compassion, Joy and Hope.

I took a deep breath and opened the door to walk Hope to The Bus Stop. The first thing that captured our attention was the bird bath, the remaining water from this week’s storms, frozen solid and gleaming. Hope traced her finger around and around as if she was ice skating. The simple act carved the frustration of my lost computer out of me.

We weren’t the only ones who discovered the ice this morning. As we came to the end of our driveway we noticed the boys on the other side of the street stomping on the ice. Ice formed by the water that never quite made it to the storm drain. Ice that created a diversion and experimentation and fun for three boys, a girl and a mom.

“Hey, you should come over here and stomp on this part” the oldest boy shouted.

Hope and I went over and saw the newly formed ice with cracks radiating from little stomp marks created by the boys. In the thickest part you could see the water moving and dancing freely under its topcoat. I thanked God for this striking scene, and I knew He was enjoying the playful waltz the children were creating as they danced across the ice. Then they would stop suddenly to admire the glimmer underneath. Pure, simple, glorious fun!

As I watched the children’s performance, my heart captured the essence of the scene and I saw the hard ice as our hearts. Sometimes we are frozen and keep love and laughter out. Then our loving God will send someone into our lives, who will slowly stomp away the bitterness. God sees our hearts congested and clogged. He wants us to enjoy the fullness of this life. He wants our hearts to beat fully and freely.

My mind went to Hope, and all that she has overcome. In that ice I saw her little beating heart. I relived the open heart surgery she went through so her heart could work as God intended it to. In that ice I saw my Savior, Jesus, holding my baby through surgery. In that ice I saw Hope for all of us.

Before The Bus Stop this morning I was in battle mode, but my angry and frozen heart melted by the ice in the bird bath and the river of ice flowing down the street. My heart shared in the merriment of three boys and a girl just waiting at The Bus Stop.

Is your heart frozen today? Can you stomp on those ice crystals and let them go forever? If you need a little help, just ask Jesus.

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