God in Daily Life


This morning’s timing was off yet so perfect. Joy and I left at the worst time possible. It was definitely the worst of times. It took us an additional seven minutes to drive to school. We got stuck behind the school bus on its route to the middle school. Why is it we are so impatient when we are stopped and waiting for a school bus? We think of all the things we need to do in our day. We get angry and rankle in our minds about how much this unanticipated stop is going to slow us down. It’s going to screw with my schedule! Now what am I going to do? It is definitely the worst of times when school buses and Sunday drivers get in our way! Or is it?

Be content with where you are. It is the best of times for God to observe you. What will you do with this additional time? I was blessed with Joy in my car for an additional seven minutes. Why did I not think of those extra moments God captured for me as a special time with Joy? I had seven extra minutes to laugh, to talk, to sing. Why instead did I listen to the enemy’s lies?

“You will be late! This is putting you behind schedule. How are you going to catch up?”

The enemy wants it all about you. Funny how he wants you to focus on yourself and how awful things are going to be because you have to stop and wait or because the driver in front of you is going two miles an hour under the speed limit. He spits lies of selfishness and conceit in your ear.

Well I think the time has come to celebrate the times we are stopped behind the bus. I think we should thank God for the person driving a little slower in front of us. I think we should take time to smell the roses. I think we should say a little prayer for those children waiting at The Bus Stop. I think we should say a prayer for the parents waving goodbye to their children. And then we should thank God for the time he has given us with the treasures sitting beside us in our vehicles.

God’s timing is not our timing. But when God stops time or slows us down we need to be thankful. We need to be glad that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us so much He plants the roses beside us so we can delight in their glory and their exquisite ways. Kind of like how God glories in us. He has painted the scene we live in. Let us show Him some gratitude and thank Him for this time, this life and this land He has given us.

Today take time to stop, look and listen. It is the best of times. Thank God for The Bus Stops you get stuck at. Look around at the magnificent landscape. Pull down the visor and look into the eyes of God’s flawless design. Take this time to listen to God’s voice. Take this time to look for the light of the world in the car seat behind you. Then thank God for this inescapable moment in paradise.

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