God in My Heart


This morning I drove my daughter Hope to The Bus Stop. The Heavens were open for the second day in a row. We sat at The Bus Stop in the comfort of a dry car and Hope reclined her chair and gazed up through the sunroof. Our ceiling to the sky seemed as if it was finger painted by God. Large drops of water, spreading slowly and cascading away from sight danced before our eyes. It was a beautiful crystalline vision against the darkened sky above.

Hope and I took turns pressing the preset radio buttons and laughing. I blocked her from changing the station when “Amazing Grace” was playing. I belted out the song with graceful arm gestures that kept her from pressing another button. Determined, Hope weaseled in and switched to another station. The first word we heard was, “Church” and Hope giggled in pure amazement. I imagine God was sitting on His heavenly throne watching His two little playful girls and decided to join in the fun. As our gaze wandered up to Him, He reached down and tickled our spirits. I love my Father so much. I talk to Him every day. Sometimes I am even bold enough to debate Him or talk back to Him. The fear of God is in my heart. But His mighty goodness is revealed in the faces of Faith, Compassion, Joy and Hope.

I think sunroofs are a necessity in our lives. This particular sunroof belongs to my Brother. There are not enough adjectives to describe my Brother. He is a gift from God with more Compassion than any man I have ever met. He is a gift from God who is Strong, Dedicated, Loving and Hilarious. He has been my Mentor, my earthly Redeemer and my Best Friend. It was Brother’s idea to switch cars so he could go on a hunting Expedition with my Expedition. I think I got the better part of the deal with the sunroof. I love my Brother more than words can express. I also give Him credit for the Patience he has to have put up with me, the epitome of an annoying little sister over all these years. Brother is God’s perfection of the definition of sibling.

So we enjoyed playing and laughing in Brother’s car until the bus arrived at The Bus Stop. Brother calls Hope his eyeball twin! A picture captures a moment in time past when Brother was holding Hope tight, both with eyes wide open. It was so unbelievable that it was even his profile picture for a time.

Hope got out of the car and climbed up the steps of the school bus. I watched her walk down the aisle to a seat, and the bus drove off before she found one. Hope fell face forward and hit the floor. I witnessed her stand up but I never saw her seated before the bus was out of sight.  My heart broke, was she hurt? Was she embarrassed? Was she worried about her Cinderella dress she had in bag, created by Brother’s wife, Exceptional and his daughter, Stunning? She was bringing the dress to wear in a talent show today. She was going to sing and dance to a Frank Sinatra song. Frank Sinatra is her newest obsession.

So I called her teacher to check on her when she got to school. Then I called the bus company to complain. There is nothing on earth more powerful than a mother’s love and her determination to keep her offspring safe. The woman who answered the phone seemed genuinely concerned with this information. I hung up the phone and I recognized the enemy prompting me to get mad, get madder, scream and fight!!

No. I will not let my soul get bitter. I will not take on the spirit of offense. I will not let this unfortunate incident dictate the rest of my day and cause me to fester and gossip about it. In a past time I would have called up Blessing and vented and steamed over what happened to my baby girl. But I am a different person now. I have the fear of God in me and I know His power is greater than any dictation the enemy is whispering in my ear.

I will pray for my daughter. I will pray her knees are not skinned. I will pray she was not humiliated at her tumble.  I will forgive the Bus Driver and I will move on with my day.

I will sing praises to God for Hope, I will sing praises to God for Brother and the fun he provided us with when we traded cars! I will pray that God will touch the heart of Bus Driver and she will be more cautious and less hurried on her route to pick up His little ones.

Today look into your life and the spills you and your loved ones have taken. Where did you place the blame? Did you fight back? Did you gossip about what happened? Today look into your life and remove the offenses you hold against others. Purify your heart and then put the fear and unlimited unconditional love of God back in.

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