God in My Heart


There is a Bus Stop for every season. There is a moment in time when the world stands still and a new life, created by the Hand of God, is born. There is that moment in time, when the seed of creation bursts forth in song to a mothers delight. The cry of birth as a child looks up and sees the light of the world in the eyes of his mother.

Joy was delighted as she shared the news of the birth of Favor’s little sister. Favor is a humble and delightful joy for Joy. Favor is an overcomer’s best friend. Joy and Favor became friends two years ago when God connected the dots.  Joy and Favor hear God’s cry and know when things are happening to each other even though they are miles away. Some people call it intuition. Some people call it a bond of friendship. I call it God’s immaculate tuning. So often, Favor’s call will come at that moment in time when Joy is altered into Distress or Sorrow.  Favor, Joy’s Blessing, will, with her kind words, cancel the attack in progress.  So Distress and Sorrow will be returned to sender and it will be a time to dance.

There is a time to sing. I am filled with unmeasurable happiness when I am about my Fathers work. When I go to the workplace God has directed me to in this moment in time, I often bring His little helpers, Joy and Hope. They distribute life, innocence and childhood to some very special people behind locked doors. I work in a Memory Care Unit where it is necessary to sing a new song every day.

While caring for their memories, I posed a question:  Why is laughter the best medicine?  I wrote all their answers on the board.  A story about cows falling in the barn and not being able to get back up, accompanied by floundering gestures, brought forth a belly laugh for all. Stories were relayed in vivid detail, as if they happened yesterday. The smiles I saw on their beautiful faces sprang up from their souls. They were exquisite memories that would be with them for eternity. It was a definitive time of laughter.

I begin my new song every day by kneeling in front of wheelchairs and greeting each and every gift God has given to me. I grasp their hands in love and I gaze into their eyes. I say, “Good morning. How are you?” Some will speak a few words, others will speak a few sentences, and others will shut their eyes. Every morning I see into the windows of these blessed souls and I know what song each one needs me to sing. This is the most honorable profession. This is life.

One woman, nearly a century old, a petite and white haired vision of impeccable design is a woman of few words but many actions. Actions often do speak louder than words. It is a time to be silent as I kneel in front of her. Her actions comfort me and make me feel like a little girl again. Her actions make my heart cry with delight as God turns back my clock.

This petite woman lifts her right hand slowly and gently pushes my hair away from my face. This is when time stops for me. I kneel and enjoy this tender moment. I stay in this position until she has completed her task and her gaze turns to the right and her hand falls back to her lap. This is my moment when someone sings to me.

But this morning was different. My kindhearted mentor did not have the strength to lift her fingers to fix my hair. I said a silent prayer as I stood up. The time was changing. I did not want the dancing to end.

So as I ended my day of singing loudly, holding hands, tucking people in for naps, and dancing with people in wheelchairs I went in to say good night to my petite friend of impeccable design. I kneeled in front of her and I held her hands. I told her I loved her. I told her three times that I loved her. I looked into her eyes that were half open. She tried to respond but had no words. I stood and as I left the room my soul spoke the words out loud, “She will be with Jesus soon.” I walked fifty feet and around the corner into our little kitchen and two people came running.

“Go quick! They need you!”

Little did I know that as I spoke those powerful and compassionate words that my friend walked into the arms of Jesus.

There is a time to be born and a time to die. In twenty four hours I experienced His majesty and glory as I danced and I mourned. There is a time for everything.

On this, the Lord’s Day, take time in His radiance. Take time to breathe in the glory of life. Make it a time of love and a time of peace.

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