God in Nature


Late last night, as the breaking of this day was dawning I was driving Compassion to a new Bus Stop. Compassion was headed on her first official mission trip. She was excited. I lectured her on the way and I broke into tears as I left her at that Bus Stop. I know it is a game changing Bus Stop for my daughter. I know in my heart, the Compassion that I left in that parking lot will never be the same. I know the Compassion that will return to me will be enlightened and even more Compassionate. I arrived home and turned my audio Bible on. Ezekiel jumped out to me and I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to the rantings of a king, I walked into a fiery furnace and I survived a lion’s den. In our daily lives we will come across disenchanted leaders, we will walk through deserts and we will survive voracious attacks.

This morning my mind is multitasking and images from God’s Word keep flashing through my train of thought like warning signs of a great upcoming expedition. Then I hear flashbacks from my daughter Joy’s lips, “Mom, remember when I was friends with the boy who was shot?”

Joy planted seeds, actually she was scattering her seeds of joy and blessing wherever she went. She did not know it; she was an insecure child, bullied by the enemy through actions and words. Kids can be so cruel, yes; it’s a concoction of the times we live in. We live in a time where the sacred has turned illegitimate and the forbidden has become the norm. We live in a time of confusion, and a time where other gods are flourishing.

We live in a multi-dimensional puzzle where one piece kicked out by the enemy can cause us unbelievable turmoil.  But we can be reassured that when the vacancy occurs in our soul, God will send someone to fill it up, to mend us  and  to repair the hole. But God’s time is not like our time. The vacancy was often filled before it appeared. Years, minutes or months before a seed planter put some seeds on your lap or dropped some sprouts on your spirit.

In times of desperation, the servant planted seeds will break through frozen hearts, and will find freedom. Our words, and our deeds will be remembered. Sometimes we will be thanked on this Earth and sometimes our rewards will be given to us as we enter heaven.

Our everlasting and eternal God had the forethought to see the trials and terrors of our expedition called life. In those times we are in the abyss, we reach into our mind and we recall the Joy that was sent to us, the Compassion that held our hand, the Hope that sparked a renewal, and the Faith that led us to our final destination.

When was the last time you got down on your knees and thanked God for those seed planters? When was the last time you danced at The Bus Stop? When was the last time you interrupted yourself from your multitasking world and talked to the man who holds your breath in His hand?

The writing is on the wall. Read it and live!

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