God in My Heart


This morning Compassion was animated about the upcoming Veterans Day celebration at the High School. This morning the spring fed lake was like glass, pristine and elegant. I wanted to be Peter walking to my King. I noticed the reflection of the mighty pine trees on the lake as the rose colored sun was rising. It was a border of majestic perfection, painted by my God’s hand.  The serenity and stillness of the sight calmed my petulant mood. And God told me to be still. I talked back to God, as I am known to do and I told Him that it is very hard to be a single mom with four daughters.

“Be still,” He responded, “And know that I am God.”

I returned home and Joy, home sick with a migraine, had created the hairstyle of the day for Hope. She had been her ladies maid in my absence this morning. An absence created when I realized I was out of creamer and desperate for my morning coffee fix. Then I pulled out my prayer manual and Hope and I prayed for Joy’s migraine to go away. Success!

Joy and I walked Hope to The Bus Stop. The garbage cans stood in formation alongside the driveways. The boys were whispering about inappropriate websites. How ironic, on the day we dispose of our trash the boys are discussing visual trash other boys watch. I am glad I live in a neighborhood where the children recognize what truly is inappropriate.

When we returned Joy relayed a topic for The Bus Stop today.

“Mom I have an idea for your blog today.  You should write about dads who are gone on business trips and never see their kids and how sometimes we see God that way. We think God is not there for us and we get mad. We need to realize that even though He doesn’t do things the second we ask Him to, He’ll wait a while but it’s worth it. Instead of getting what we asked Him for He’ll make it ten times better.”

Out of the mouths of babes comes the truth. We all feel God is so distant at times. Well God was not distant this morning. He was conspiring with Joy to pull me out of my cantankerous mood.

Well done good and faithful servant! Well done, my child. All it took was God pushing Joy to put the joy of the Lord back in my heart.

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