God in Authority


It is amazing what can happen in a couple of days. Today, as we stepped outside, the cold crisp air invaded our lungs. The teenage oak tree in my front yard, covered in its autumn splendor last week, only had a handful of leaves still clinging to its branches. God’s timing is not our timing. God’s timing is always perfect. The strength of God’s command had retreated to this still moment. This morning the world seemed fragile and desolate. Be still and know. We approached The Bus Stop to discover it vacant and silent. Even the boys had sensed the change, and they were hidden away. Sometimes we hide when we are afraid of change; sometimes we veil ourselves to hide the truth.

The boys appeared and the serene scene changed instantaneously. The older brother walked up to the younger and asserted his authority. Forehead to forehead they stared at each other. The younger was looking up with uncertainty, the older was looking down with a smirk in his eyes. Then they disengaged themselves from the noiseless sibling battle and retreated. How often do we challenge our God? How often do we assert our authority over His? How often do we smirk at God and look down upon Him?

The backdrop to this sibling challenge was a tree barren of leaves but still covered with its clusters of little orange berries. The fruit remained. It was a good year, for this tree was plentiful. How was this year for you? Are you planting seeds or are you holding back and still clinging to the vine?

At The Bus Stop I witness the battle for supremacy. At The Bus Stop I see the fruits of our labors. At The Bus Stop I learn a daily lesson about life. When I talk with God today will I challenge Him or will I be obedient? At The Bus Stop I discover I too can be a gardener! Are you a planter or a grower?

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