God in Daily Life


It is Saturday. 7:39 a.m. If this was a weekday I would have already blessed my second oldest, Compassion, before she drove off to High School. If this was a weekday, I would have already driven my third child, Joy, to the Middle School. They have Bus Stops too but a couple of years ago I began driving my daughters to school. The High School is five minutes away and the Middle School is seven minutes away from our home.

Those precious minutes can become a symphony to a mother. Before Compassion passed her driver’s test, I would often use those five minutes to guide her path, to fill her with wisdom. But my magnificent Compassion often misinterpreted my loving words and a waterfall of tears would ensue. Compassion is a young lady with a heart of gold. But gold melts easily. So often, what I meant to build her up or direct her would bring destruction. I would become frustrated. Mascara would become smudged. And it was all over for the morning.  Nothing else could penetrate the wall that Compassion erected to protect herself.

I admit, I am harder on Compassion than my other three children. The honest truth is Compassion was me. This Compassion was manipulated and used repeatedly before she discovered the truth. This Compassion was held together and loved by nine year old Compassion when her soul was torn in two. So I pray daily that Compassion does not make the same mistakes her mother did.

The ride to the Middle School is breathtaking. Taking Joy is a joy just because we wind ourselves around a spring fed lake on our short commute. Joy, my naturally funny and tranquil child. Joy makes everyone laugh. God has gifted her with the tongue that spills one liners unintentionally. The kind of sentences that everyone stops and reviews silently. It is a rare gift. She doesn’t try to be funny. She just is funny.

Joy doesn’t always speak up. She observes people. So she will sit back and let conversations roll, until she has that one liner. And with three loud sisters, I am often relieved that I have one quiet, non-dramatic child. But on the short drive, Joy metamorphoses into the most talkative child of all! I will learn about her favorite band (of the day), I will hear about her friends and then I will hear her observations about the events that go on in her school. Joy will point out who her new friends are by their backpacks.

Then I drive back home around the lake and it’s a mad rush to get Hope ready. Hope has never had her hair cut. Trimmed but never cut. It is long, thick, luxurious and a nightmare to brush through. So Hope dresses up and tells me the hairstyle of the day. Then it’s downstairs and out the door to The Bus Stop, where God greets me good morning.

It’s Saturday, 8:17 a.m. and all is well with the world. My three girls slept in! I hear the faint morning voices of Joy and Friendship, who slept over last night. Today is another glorious day in God’s Kingdom.

This morning I didn’t meet God at The Bus Stop. God was here, as He always is, in my heart.

Where will you meet God today? When will you recognize His presence in your daily life? Once your journey with God begins, the world is full of possibilities. Doors are opened and blessings abound. So, knock on the door to heaven and let Jesus enter in your life. It will never be the same.

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