God in Nature


God is everywhere. God is at The Bus Stop. Every single morning He makes an appearance. He is never late. He watches. He listens and then He shows up! My Bus Stop is a special place, one driveway over on Greenbriar Lane. My Bus Stop is placed in the driveway of a newly married couple. At my Bus Stop children from three families wait. Two brothers from one family, a neighbor boy from across the street and my precious baby girl, Hope. Every morning God lets me taste the joy of childhood. The joy of innocence when boys will be boys and girls will be girls. And all is well with the World.

We all wait together every morning for the big yellow bus. At the beginning of the year my baby mentioned that she might be too old for me to walk her to the bus. Hope is a fourth grader now. But she quickly changed her mind. Every morning we arrive and the boys are engaged in deep discussions about boy things. Sometimes they are trading baseball or football cards; sometimes they are climbing the tree next to the driveway.

This morning was extra special. This morning God was blowing the leaves off the trees in a majestic fashion. They would spiral around, spin in a circle and flutter softly teasing the boys. God captured their attention! The boys were chasing the leaves and trying to catch them before they touched the ground. It was a frolic of boys, leaves and joy. The colors were breathtaking, golden yellow and blazing orange. The shapes the leaves were given by God were brilliant as they fluttered to the earth. Each leaf, clothed in its dazzling coat of vivid hues, with its special spin given by God.

God clothes our Earth as He clothes us. Sometimes we are new and budding as in the spring shine when everything is new and refreshed. And in the fall, when we waltz with our colorful robes and we twist and twirl with delight, the world seems limitless with possibilities.

As the bus circles the corner, I grab my daughter and squeeze her as tight as I can. I make the sign of the cross on her forehead and I tell her God bless you and keep you safe.  I then kiss her repeatedly on her cheek, on her forehead and I smack her bottom as she escapes my embrace.

As Hope climbs the steps of the bus, I greet the bus driver, a young girl with beautiful blond curls who is springing with life herself. The bus driver smiles a good morning greeting filled with amusement and laughter. Then I look through the bus windows clouded with the breath of God’s little ones staring at my show of love and affection. I wave a secret wave to the child God points out to me. Sometimes my wave is returned; sometimes a nose squishes against the window and sometimes embarrassment takes over and the child ducks out of sight. Then I wave a big, giant wave at my daughter, and off they go.

At The Bus Stop I see joy and I see rain. I see profound delight in the simple yet intricate things we are given. At The Bus Stop I am brought back to my child like faith. At The Bus Stop I marvel at the world. At The Bus Stop, I am revived and ready for the Genesis of each new day. At The Bus Stop I am reminded of God’s irresistible love and I let it consume me.

At The Bus Stop I hear God’s Word and His Word. Let God’s Word consume you. What Words has God given to you today?

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